03102014-POR7699 Application for Retirement

GSIS application for retirement under RA 7699 poretability law

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(Please Read Terms and Conditions and Documentary Requirements at the back)

INSTRUCTIONS: Ensure that the application form is properly filled out and submit duly accomplished
application form to the nearest GSIS/Handling Office.
WARNING: Direct or indirect commission of fraud, collusion, falsification, misrepresentation of facts, or any
other kind of anomaly in the accomplishment of this form, or in obtaining any benefit under this application
shall be subject to administrative, civil and/or criminal action.
Date: ______________________________
I hereby apply for a retirement/separation benefit with the GSIS and declare to the best of my knowledge
the following:
Last Name

First Name

Middle Name

GSIS Business Partner (BP) No.

Complete Mailing Address

Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)

Contact No. (Landline)

Civil Status

Place of Birth

Cellphone No.

E-mail address:




If married, Name of Spouse: (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name)



Retirement/Separation Benefits Previously
Availed (if applicable):

Date of Marriage: _______________________________________________

RA 660

RA 1616

PD 1146

RA 8291

I choose to avail of retirement benefits under RA 7699 (Portability Law), effective ____________________________.
(Please refer to Terms and Conditions of each retirement mode on subsequent pages)


I undertake to submit my Declaration of Pendency/Non-Pendency of Case, duly subscribed
and sworn to before a Notary Public or Administering Officer of my agency-employer, as a
condition for the release of my retirement benefit and in compliance with Section II of CSC
Resolution No. 1302242 dated 01 October 2013.
Printed Name and Signature of
Witnesses to Thumb mark:
1. _______________________________

Signature of Applicant over Printed Name

Thumb mark
(if unable to affix signature)

2. _______________________________

Claim proceeds shall be electronically credited to your eCard/UMID account and may be withdrawn from your
nearest bank or ATM. If you have no eCard/UMID, the proceeds will be paid thru check.

This is to certify that the above-named member has:
 no other claim filed.
 total number of _________ monthly contributions. Under SSS Number________________,
covering the period ____________________ to ______________________.
 others: _________________________
Signature over Printed Name and Designation of Certifying Official


1st Endorsement
Respectfully forwarded to GSIS this application for retirement/separation benefit with our recommendation for approval.
It is hereby certified that the applicant: ( Place a check [√] mark on the pertinent box only)

has rendered/will render his Last Day of Actual Service (LDAS) on
has not incurred Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP).
has incurred Leave of Absence Without Pay (LWOP) from (mm/dd/yyyy) _____________________________________
to (mm/dd/yyyy) _________________________________________. (Please attach separate sheet if necessary)
has no pending administrative/criminal case.


has pending administrative/criminal case at


has a decided administrative case with ________________________________. (Please attach certified copy of


has a decided criminal case with _____________________________________. (Please attach certified copy of
is applying for Refund of Premiums under RA1616 and the application for gratuity benefit has been approved by this Office.
Office Name
Signature over Printed Name of the Head of Agency
or his Authorized Endorsing Officer


Date: _____________________________________


Application Received By:
Date Received:
TMS Reference No.:

Office Address

These rules and regulations shall apply to all worker‐members of the Government Service Insurance
System (GSIS) and/or Social Security System (SSS) who transfer from one sector to another, and who
wish to retain their membership in both Systems.
The following terms shall mean:
a) Contributions – shall refer to the contributions paid by the employer or worker to either the
Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) or the Social Security System (SSS) on account of
the workerʹs membership.
b) Portability – shall refer to the transfer of funds for the account and benefit of a worker who
transfers from one system to the other.
c) Sector – shall refer to employment either in the public or private sector.
d) System – shall refer to either the GSIS as created under Commonwealth Act No. 186 as
amended by Presidential Decree No. 1146 or the SSS as created under Republic Act No.1161, as
e) Totalization – shall refer to the process of adding up the period of creditable services or
contributions under each of the Systems, for purposes of eligibility and computation of
f) Creditable services – for the public sector, the following shall be considered creditable services:
 All previous services rendered by an official/employee pursuant to an appointment
whether permanent, provisional or temporary.
 All previous services rendered by an official/employee pursuant to a duly approved
appointment to a position in the Civil Service with compensation or salary;
 The period during which an official/employee was on authorized sick leave of absence
without pay not exceeding one year;
 The period during which an official or employee was out of the service as a result of illegal
termination of his service as finally decided by the proper authorities; and
 All previous services with compensation or salary rendered by elective officials.
g) Period of contribution – for the private sector, the periods of contribution shall refer to the
periods during which a person renders services for an employer with compensation or salary
and during which contributions were paid to SSS. For the purpose of this Section, a self‐
employed person shall be considered an employee and employer at the same time.
h) Eligibility – means the workers has satisfied the requirements for entitlement to the benefits
provided for under the Act.
i) Overlapping of periods – shall refer to the periods during which a worker simultaneously
contributes to both Systems.

j) Benefits – shall refer to the following:

Old‐age benefit
Disability benefit
Survivorship benefit
Sickness benefit
Philhealth benefit, provided that the member shall claim said benefit from the System
where he was last a member, and
 Such other benefits common to both Systems that may be availed of through totalization.
1. All creditable services or periods of contributions made continuously or in the aggregate of a
worker under either of the Sectors shall be added up and considered for purposes of eligibility
and computation of benefits.
2. All services rendered or contributions paid by a member personally and those that were paid by
the employers to either System shall be considered in the computation of benefits, which may
be claimed from either or both Systems. However, the amount of benefits to be paid by one
System shall be in proportion to the services rendered/periods of contributions made to that
3. Totalization shall apply in the following instances:
a) If a worker is not qualified for any benefits from both Systems;
b) If a worker in the public sector is not qualified for any benefits in the GSIS; or
c) If a worker in the private sector is not qualified for any benefits from the SSS.
For the purpose of computation of benefits, totalization shall apply in all cases so that the
contributions made by the worker‐member in both Systems shall provide maximum benefits
which otherwise will not be available. In no case shall the contribution be lost or forfeited.
4. If after totalization the worker‐member still does not qualify for any benefit in II(j), the member
will then get whatever benefits correspond to his/her contributions in either or both Systems.
5. If a worker qualifies for benefits in both Systems, totalization shall not apply.
6. The process of totalization of creditable services or periods of contributions and computation of
benefits provided for under the Act shall be the joint responsibility of the GSIS and the SSS.
7. Overlapping periods of creditable services or contributions in both Systems shall be credited
only once for purposes of totalization.
1. Application Form
2. Certification of SSS premium contributions indicating number and inclusive months of
contributions signed by authorized SSS Officer
3. Declaration of Pendency/Non-Pendency of Case