Application for Separation Benefit

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Application for Separation Benefit

Where to File:


How to File:

A qualified member must fill-up the Application for Separation Benefit within four years from separation from service and must file the form with the nearest GSIS branch.


If you resigned on or after June 24, 1997 (effectivity of RA 8291), you can avail of separation benefits. Separation benefits are given to a member with at least fifteen (15) years of service and below sixty (60) years of age upon separation. The benefits include a cash payment of 18 times the Basic Monthly Compensation (BMP), payable at the time of separation plus a basic monthly pension for life starting at age 60.

On the other hand, a member with at least three (3 ) years but less than fifteen (15) years of creditable service will receive a cash payment equivalent to one hundred percent (100%) of the Average Monthly Compensation AMC for every year of service the member has paid contributions, but not less than P12,000, payable upon reaching sixty (60) years of age or upon separation, whichever comes later, if he is not receiving a monthly pension benefit from permanent total disability.